Anah Shaikh

Anah Shaikh is girl who always wants to be so real in this Instagram world. Not being fake just for the sake of getting attention and likes and followers.
She believes in being true and honest to the world and displaying what she actually is !!
(passionate, independent ,hardworking, open minded, a caring, helpful & down to earth person)

1: Describe Anah ?
A story of a girl who lives for her dream.💕

2: What is the best thing about being an influencer?
Everyone would put this in different way. How I take this up is :
-You get that damn freedom of being what you are.
-It’s not a 9 tp 5 Job to be under someones watch.
-It’s important to get connected to like minded people and its your choice to work with what you feel right.
-Its like a gipsy, it alway makes u travel which is fun.

3: What is the worst thing about being an influencer?
In todays World every person on the internet has their own opinion but one should suggest only when asked!
The problem is there are more advices for free, the need always exceeds the demand. But I feel you should be aware that there is going to be chaos when u put up something. We should just not get distracted with this, and there is no need to prove urself every time to those who hardly matter. So the worst part is BEING OVERJUDGED by people.

4: What is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand?
SHEIN –  I just love them.

5: What would you do if you didn’t work as an influencer?
Content creation doesn’t give you time to think about this. But if not an influencer i would love to have my own Modest Fashion Brand.

6: What was your journey like to becoming an Influencer & Model?
The journey so far has been beautiful & amazing.
Due to almighty! There is always one situation or incident in everyones life I feel due to which they come to know the real potential of their own. I came across a horrible bike accident in 2019 (36 stitches, 3 plates & two screws on my face, which still hurts) but I was saved due to blessings of Allah and few of my very close friends who gave me mental support.
But when I question god about it as everyone does I felt that it was this particular day which has infact proved that if that thing hasn’t stopped u from coming to the place I am rite now, nothing could stop me. So even after being so negative that time, I had that last hope that no matter how hard the journey will be in search of forever I dont want to loose my today.
I go ahead taking everyday as a small task.

7: If you got an offer from Bollywood or Lollywood? What will be your take on it?
Not sure bcz Bollywood works in a totally different way where i can never adjust myself as long as there is a decent role I’d think about it.
And not Lollywood since i always dreamt of representing my own country where i belong to.

8: Fashion to you is?
Fashion to me is the way you express your personality through your clothes. Self-expression is important, and the ability to choose what you wear is an instant way to tell others how you see yourself, and perhaps how you want others to see you. Well i’m a modest fashion influencer i feel really confident and comfortable. Modest fashion is so much more than being Muslim. It’s no longer attached to a religion. It’s a new trend by wearing less skin-revealing clothes.

9: Who can be your perfect match for a relationship? Or what kind of a Man do you look for to spend your life with?
I prefer to be independent and I not keen to have a life partner for lifetime (Haha) but that’s not really possible so if i ever want a guy in my life i just want a GENTLEMAN. An open minded man who will help & support me to achieve my goals. Who will push me towards my dreams.

10: Whats your future plans in regards to this field?
I want to see myself in the upcoming years working with bigger brands and saving money to invest and build my own brand. I want to see myself as the best MODEST FASHION INFLUENCER & the Best HIJABI BLOGGER in India. When ever someone hears the word HIJABI, it should remind them of the name ANAH.

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