1: Describe Yourself. I’m an extroverted introvert, so I tend to go from one extreme to the other, switching between […]
Zoom Makeup Session with Aisha Khan
Zoom Makeup Session with Aisha Khan was held on Saturday 20th June 2020, organized by Maria Kazi in association with Mour Media FZE LLC and The Black Fox. […]
Maria Kazi
Maria Kazi is a young enchanting 27 year old, A Mom, A wife and A businesswomen. Her formal education of […]
Rumi Munawar
Rumi is one of the most know faces in the UAE with over 900K followers on Tiktok and 44k fans […]
We’ll start with the good news first- like we predicted; things are starting to look up for the community.  This […]
When was the last time you talked about influencers? We read about them, we follow them, we have debates over […]